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San Diego and Del Mar Homes for Sale

San Diego Real Estate and Homes for Sale

To Reach New Heights, You Need Dedicated Professionals on Your Side.
Meet Robert Wolf

Robert Wolf's 30 years of dedication and achievements beginning in New York and continuing in Southern California have earned him a reputation of providing the highest caliber of commitment and services to his client. As both a Broker and CPA, he merges an unparalleled analytical background with a personable dedication to his client's needs. His tireless focus remains on coordinating his clients' transactions to not only fit their tastes, but their lifestyle as well. 

Del Mar RealtorToday, as head of the Wolf Real Estate Group in Carmel Valley, he has established his reputation for negotiating residential and commercial sales, and real estate mortgages. He works with all lenders, and counsels his clients on the best way to structure their mortgage. He has a keen understanding  of the intricacies of each market and community, and effectively tailors his services to yield an efficient and desirable result for his clients.
Robert's expertise, negotiating power, integrity and passion for personal service, are beyond compare.


  • 6 Things About Staging Your Home for Sale

    If you’ve never seen the work of professional stagers—those magical designer/decorators charged with making your house more marketable—prepare to be mystified, enthralled, and maybe a bit scared.
    Did we say “scared”? Prepping your home for getting the best offer possible means removing every shred of your personality from rooms, walls, floors, and ceilings so that potential buyers can imagine themselves in your place. Stagers favor neutral walls, simple layouts, and minimal artwork. (No purple living rooms or gallery wall allowed!)

    “There’s a big difference between designing for someone’s tastes and remerchandizing a home to appeal to as many people as possible,” says Kathy Burke of Sensational Home Staging in Danville, CA. Getting it right is a critical and enigmatic art. Don’t panic! We got some stagers to reveal their secrets to help you navigate the process.

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  • Does Solar Technology Add Value To Homes?

    Seeking to shed more light on how the installation of solar technology can impact home values, a team of researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory recently released a study showing how to calculate the value of green homes.According to the study, led by Appraisal Institute Designated Member Sandra K. Adomatis, homes with host-owned, solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems are sold at a premium compared to homes without PV systems.

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  • San Diego Home Prices Grew 5.9 Percent Year Over Year

    San Diego’s home prices increased 5.9 percent in the year ending in August, according to an index measuring housing prices, once again surpassing the national average. The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller Home Price Index on Tuesday reported home prices gained 5.1 percent in the country’s top 20 cities, while the national average grew 4.7 percent.

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  • Another Reason To Buy A Home: Ridiculous Rents!

    If the fact that mortgage rates are still insanely low - dropping again last week - and new loans can make down payments as low as three percent for first-time homebuyers still aren't enough to get you into the real estate market, here's perhaps the most compelling reason of all to buy a house: rents are ridiculous and only getting more so everyday.

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  • Multifamily Properties Appreciate

    The rising cost of buying single-family homes in San Diego County is pushing more people into the rental pool, and that is turning up the pace of apartment rent growth and property deal-making. Data from brokerage firm Colliers International shows that the region saw 144 properties with 10 or more apartments change hands from January to July, up more than 30 percent from the same period of 2014. The total sales price on those 2015 deals topped $1.05 billion, an increase of nearly 67 percent.

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