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Meet Robert Wolf

Robert Wolf's 30 years of dedication and achievements beginning in New York and continuing in Southern California have earned him a reputation of providing the highest caliber of commitment and services to his client. As both a Broker and CPA, he merges an unparalleled analytical background with a personable dedication to his client's needs. His tireless focus remains on coordinating his clients' transactions to not only fit their tastes, but their lifestyle as well. 

Del Mar RealtorToday, as head of the Wolf Real Estate Group in Carmel Valley, he has established his reputation for negotiating residential and commercial sales, and real estate mortgages. He works with all lenders, and counsels his clients on the best way to structure their mortgage. He has a keen understanding  of the intricacies of each market and community, and effectively tailors his services to yield an efficient and desirable result for his clients.
Robert's expertise, negotiating power, integrity and passion for personal service, are beyond compare.

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  • There’s something that I see in almost every transaction — a list of repair items found during inspections that buyers would like completed before closing. This can cause heartaches for sellers, however they could be remedied upfront if a home inspection were done when the house is listed. Let’s face it: We live in our homes and don’t address or even see some of the issues that arise because they don’t affect our daily lives. We look at homes online with a more critical eye than we do our own homes. I have seen too many sellers caught by surprise regarding the same issues that seem to pop up frequently.

  • Within two years, the edgiest indie brokerages will not resemble anything you have seen before. The brokerage of the future will still have a 1,000-square-foot office space (or something close to that size) in the coolest part of town, but it will look a lot more like the sharpest Starbucks locations than an office. There will be a strict “no cubicle zone” rule, and this will also apply to private offices. This space will serve about 100 brokers who cover a larger metro area of 1 million to 2 million people. Of course, they’ll seldom use the space — just enough to let their clients know exactly how different their philosophy is than that of the typical franchise brokerages. Interviews, often including videos with the media and bloggers, will be held in the office, always driving home the “cool factor” of the brokerage.