June 15 Snapshot

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Download the Report. Living in California, it is of no surprise that so many families climb into their SUVs, packed to the gills with luggage, and explore the Golden State. After traveling 70-plus miles per hour for hours without a break, there comes a point where it is time to get off at the next exit, fuel up, and stretch the legs. Upon exiting the freeway and driving to the gas station at a much-reduced speed, it seems as if the car is barely moving. Of course, it is still progressing down the road, but everyone has become accustomed to the much faster speed.

That is precisely how it has felt to participate in the housing market in 2022. The market had been zooming along for the past couple of years at an insanely, swift, unprecedented pace. It was as if the gas pedal was permanently fastened to the floorboard. There were very few homes available to purchase, demand was through the roof compliments of historically low mortgage rates, homes would last only days on the market, swarms of buyers toured every home, each offer to purchase competed against a slew of additional offers, sales prices soared above their asking prices, and home values rocketed higher. But, with higher mortgage rates, the market has slowed considerably, and this summer it will feel as if housing is barely moving. Yet, it will still be a Seller’s Market, just not what everyone has become accustomed to.

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June 1 Snapshot

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The Bottom Line: The quick rise in mortgage rates has substantially eroded home affordability and the San Diego County housing market is rapidly cooling.  It all boils down to the monthly payment. When the monthly payment climbs out of reach for many home buyers, demand cools. The housing frenzy is quickly coming to an end. Sellers need to be careful in navigating the new housing landscape. Carefully pricing is fundamental in order to find success.

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May 19 Snapshot

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When pundits start talking about a potential recession, everyone’s collective brains immediately recall the Great Recession and expect the economy and housing to behave just like it did in 2007. They forget about the other recessions where housing values continued to rise. Today’s housing has an extremely strong foundation with years of tight lending qualifications, large down payments, fixed rate mortgages, plenty of nested equity, and limited cash-out refinances.

In housing, during a slowdown, demand falls, the active inventory rises, and it takes longer to sell a home. During the Great Recession there was a glut of homes available to purchase and it was matched up with muted demand. Consequently, home values plunged. In Southern California there were nearly 120,000 homes available in 2007 compared to the 19,000 homes available today, over six times more. Today’s missing ingredient that would lead to falling home values is supply. The number of homes on the market today is far below averages prior the start of the pandemic when values were still rising, but at a much more methodical pace.

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May 5 Snapshot

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Over the past month, demand dropped by 4% when it normally rises by 4%.

In 2002, the Los Angeles Angels won the World Series for the first time in franchise history. The next year they missed the playoffs completely with a losing record. After hoisting the Commissioner’s Trophy the year before as champions of the world, they missed post season play due to a slump in wins to close out the year from July through September. The San Diego County housing market is amid a similar slump in the middle of the Spring Market following the best year for local real estate since 2005.

According to Mortgage News Daily, 30-year mortgage rates have risen from 3.27% on December 31st to 5.55% today, a climb of more than 2.25%. Rapidly rising rates eat into affordability significantly. For example, the monthly mortgage payment for a $1.1 million purchase with 10% down has risen from $4,319 on December 31st, when rates were at 3.27%, to $5,652 per month today at 5.55%. That is a $1,333 per month rise, or nearly $16,000 per year. The significant change occurred in just four short months.

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April 18 Snapshot

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Even though housing is insanely hot, trends have emerged that confirm that the San Diego County housing market is starting to cool. Now that the first quarter of 2022 is in the rearview mirror, noticeable cracks have appeared that illustrate a cooling market. It is not as if housing has suddenly tilted in favor of buyers. No, multiple offers are still the norm, and most homes are flying off the market and into escrow just moments after FOR-SALE signs are pounded into the front yard. Buyers are still frustrated by the lack of available homes to purchase in all price ranges. Sellers remain in the driver’s seat able to call the shots. Nonetheless, trends have surfaced that highlight a cooling marketplace that will eventually pave way to a completely different housing scene thanks to a dramatic rise in mortgage rates from 3.25% at the start of the year to 5.35% today (Mortgage News Daily).

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